Why I Will Always Go Back To Record Players

spinning records on my record playerThere are so many modern musical gadgets nowadays that choosing one to play your music should not be a problem. Most people have their smartphones with them at all times and we can easily listen to our music on our smartphones. That’s fine if you’re on the move. However I will always choose my trusty old record player over any other gadgets if I am in the comforts of my own home or studio.

The quality of music generated by a record player is leaps and bounds better than any other instrument or gadget out there. The sound produced is just so much richer, deep and warm. I used to be a 90s kid that went out and bought all the latest album in CD form. Now as an adult, I realise that the vinyl version is so much better. I have since replaced all my CDs with a vinyl, if there is one.

Another reason that I prefer using a record player is because I am able to spin the record or vinyl on the player and produce different remixes of music. This is important for my career as a DJ. Come pop by my studio one day if you’re free and I can play you some of my favorite songs.

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